Is the Apple Watch Good For Nurses?

hey, guys welcome back.

today we’ll talk about the Apple watch for nurses.

so should you get it? do you need a nursing watch as a nurse?

today we’ll dive in and see how nurses can benefit from this high tech watch.

if you’re interested in a nursing watch check out

lets jump in.

so below is an Apple watch.

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when its on your wrist and you unlock it stays unlocked but when you take it off you have to constantly be unlocking it. this is a privacy mechanism and it works pretty well.

there are so many different types but type 3 is the one we are going to look at. many nurses like this watch because it is stylish and comes in different bands and colors but mainly because it comes in rose gold 🙂

on the main screen, you’ll see the date, time and the 24-hour clock which is super helpful when you are trying to learn military time as a nursing student.

instead of constantly trying to convert to military time it has it right there for you. eventually, you’ll learn it because you’ll be constantly looking at it.

on the main screen, you’ll also see the weather which makes it easy to determine what you’ll wear and what you can expect when going outside.

another really cool thing is the activities app. it tracks your movement and exercise information. there are three rings and what those rings represent are a moving goal, an exercise goal, and a standing goal. so it helps nurses stay active and live a balanced life. sometimes nurses can get so caught up at work that they forget about their own health hehe.

but with the Apple Watch, you’ll be motivated to fill up the rings and this helps you stay in shape. Seeing the rings fill up quickly when you work out can be really motivating.

another app you can have is the heart rate monitor and that is really important. many nurses will find this helpful because you can check your heart rate any time. It helps that the app is really accurate and exact.

you can see your resting rate, your walking average and it can actually notify you when your heart rate is above a certain level.

you can set it above 100 and you’ll get notifications whenever your nervous which is really cool.

you can switch the display to get a sweeping time which helps when taking respirations.

the most important feature is that you can see your texts right on your watch. this is super helpful and super cool because if it isn’t important you can just continue working.

another cool app nurses might enjoy is the breathing app. this useful app takes you through a one minute breathing exercise to help you relax. while its guiding you to breath it’ll also take your heart rate.

it also helps you find your phone by pinging it which makes it impossible to lose. another cool benefit is the flashlight feature. you can use the watch to light yours through any darkness. really helps if your a nurse that’s scared of the dark.

so overall the watch is really convientant and well worth the try. the only downfall is its high price. it really isn’t a necessity but it does make life as a nurse or nursing student easier.

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